What do we know about Idaho murder suspect Bryan Kohberger?  (2023)

The man suspected of savagely knifing four college students to death last November - leaving a scene police described as 'the worst we've ever seen' - has appeared in court in Moscow, Idaho, where he refused to enter a plea to four counts of murder in the first degree.

Criminology student Bryan Kohberger, 28, had been expected to plead not guilty. Instead, he chose to use Idaho's 'standing silent' plea which means he has not pleaded either way but can still be tried.

The trial date has been set for October 2.

Kohberger had been due to face a preliminary hearing but in a surprise twist announced last week, he was indicted by an Idaho Grand Jury who heard the evidence in secret and decided to send the case to a full trial.

Best friends Madison Mogen and Kaylee Goncalves, both 21, and young couple Xana Kernodle and Ethan Chapin, both 20, died in the horror attack, which was so brutal, blood could still be seen dripping down the walls of their rental home days after the killing.

Bryan Kohberger, 28, appeared in court in Moscow, Idaho, Monday where he 'stood silent' while entering a plea. The judge entered a not guilty plea on his behalf over the murders of four University of Idaho students

Maddie Mogen (top) Kaylee Goncalves (left) Xana Kernodle (right) and Ethan Chapin (center) - all students at the University of Idaho - were knifed to death on November 13 in the quiet college town of Moscow

Who is Bryan Kohberger?

Kohberger was born in 1994 in Albrightsville, Pennsylvania.

According to old peers, he was 'quiet but friendly' when he was younger.

Some claimed he was badly bullied because of his weight. ClassmateSarah Healy said: 'He was bullied a lot, it started because of his weight and it was mainly by females. He was very quiet, very to himself. He was very into his books, he was really sweet and really quiet,' she told People.

When he returned to school for his senior year, he had reportedly radically transformed himself and was rail-thin.

Others claimed he was not bullied at all and he was in fact a bully to others.

Thomas Arntz, 26, said his and Kohberger's friendship ended because he became aggressive, including Kohberger allegedly putting Mr Arntz in a headlock.

'Over time it just got so, so bad that I just shut down when I was around him. I eventually just had to cut ties with him,' he told the New York Times.

(Video) Idaho Student Murders: Everything We Know About Suspect Bryan Kohberger

Bryan Kohberger, 28,is accused of four counts of first-degree murder and one count of burglary

Kohberger's classmates also recalled him getting involved with illegal substances, including heroin. Some claimed he offered it to others before he went to rehab in 2013.

Kohberger obtained a bachelor's degree in psychology from Northampton Community College near his eastern Pennsylvania hometown.

He was described as 'curious' by a fellow student, who said he was interested in how people thought and the differences between people.

He also has amaster's degree in criminal justice from DeSales University,

At the time of study Kohberger posted a call on Reddit - which has since been deleted - for ex-convicts to participate in a study on how 'emotions and psychological traits influence decision-making when committing a crime'.

University classmate Brittany Slaven claimed that Kohberger was interested in serial killers and liked to develop theories on what happened at crime scenes based on photos presented in class.

She said this merely seemed like curiosity and his questions were in line with their studies.

In April last year, Kohberger applied for a job as a graduate research assistant at the Pullman, Washington, police department.

At the time of the murders, Kohberger was a criminology PhD student at Washington State University in Pullman, Washington, which is about eight miles from the Idaho students' residence.

Not long before the murders, Kohberger was handed a warning about his interactions with women working and visiting a bar in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.

Owner of Seven Sirens Brewing CompanyJordan Serulneck said thatbar staff had logged that Kohberger was making 'creepy' comments and that they should 'keep an eye on him'.

He addedthat he would watch women in the bar and would get 'upset with them a bit' if they did not want to talk to him, with him once calling a female bartender a 'b****'.

What is Bryan Kohberger charged with?

Bryan Kohberger is accused of four counts of first-degree murder and one count of burglary.

Best friends Madison Mogen and Kaylee Goncalves, both 21, and young couple Xana Kernodle and Ethan Chapin, both 20, were knifed to death on November 13.

The students were living at an off-campus house near the university campus in Moscow.

(Video) Idaho students murder: Everything we know about suspect Bryan Kohberger

The horror attack was reportedly so brutal blood could still be seen dripping down the walls of their rental home days after the killing.

Kaylee and Madison were discovered dead in bed next to each other, while Ethan and Xana were found on the floor below, with Xana discovered slumped over on the floor of her bedroom.

Best friendsKaylee and Madison were discovered dead in bed next to each other

Ethan and Xana were found on the floor below, with Xana discovered slumped over on the floor of her bedroom in the off-campus home

This is the murder house where four students were stabbed to death. The home is now boarded up and is slated for demolition

Survivors Mortensen and Bethany Funke heard noises at the time, with Mortensen telling cops she heard Kaylee say 'there's someone here' at approximately 4am.

Ten minutes later, she heard a thud and crying from Xana's room and a male voice saying 'it's ok, I'm going to help you'.

At 4.17am, a dog was captured barking loudly on a neighbor's security camera.

Around the same time, Mortensen said she opened her bedroom door again and saw a tall male with bushy eyebrows leaving through the sliding glass doors at the back of the home.

She described how she had been 'frozen in shock' as the black-clad male walked towards her and said she locked herself in her room after he left.

How did police track down Bryan Kohberger?

Kohberger was arrested after a six-week manhunt and charged with four counts of first-degree murder and burglary.

The case captivated the nation as police hunted for the killer. Internet sleuths tried to help police solve the crime until Kohlberger was arrested at his parents' house in Pennsylvania.

Police tied him to the gruesome quadruple murder of four college kids after tracking his white Hyundai to the scene.

They also matched his DNA to a sample that was left on a knife sheath found at the scene. The murder weapon was not recovered at the house.

(Video) University of Idaho killings: What we know about suspect Bryan Kohberger | ABCNL

Officers also seized three knives from Kohberger's parents' property, including one in another sheath.

Police also seized a 'black mask', which is not dissimilar to the black ski mask described by the surviving roommate who saw the murderer leave the scene on November 13.

All together 63 items were seized from Kohberger's parents' house, including multiple items of clothing, books, documents, bills and prescriptions.

Police had been watching Kohberger for days before they raided the house in the early hours of December 30.

Police descended on Kohberger's family home at the Indian Mountain Lake Estates in Chestnuthill Township of Albrightsville just before 1:30 a.m. on December 30

Who are Bryan Kohberger's parents?

Bryan Kohberger was born toMichael Kohberger Jr., 67, and Maryann Kohberger, 62.

Both parents worked forthe Pleasant Valley School District. MrKohberger Jrwas a maintenance worker and MrsKohberger a special-needs teaching assistant.

During Kohberger's childhood, they were active members at St John's Lutheran Church in Effort, Pennsylvania and attended services each week.

Kohberger's family insists he is innocent.

'They don't believe it to be Bryan. They can't believe this.

'This is certainly completely out of character, the allegations, and really they're just trying to be supportive with the understanding these four families have suffered loss, so they're sympathetic towards that, and that's why it should remain really private and they don't want to try this case in the court of public opinion,' his attorney Jason LaBar told NBC News.

Kohberger's father Michael Kohberger Jr.

The elder Kohberger is a long-time resident of the area and is retired, according to sources.

He reportedly enjoys playing golf and tennis, and before his son's arrest the pair would spend time outdoors fishing and hunting.

Michael Kohberger had flown from their home state of Pennsylvania to Washington - where Bryan was a PhD student - to meet his son before Christmas and head home together.

They drove back in the white Hyundai Elantra being sought by cops in relation to the murders, it is said.

(Video) ‘Murder Upon Murder’: Death Penalty Expert Weighs in on Bryan Kohberger Case

He was spotted cleaning up the mess left behind from the dramatic SWAT team raid that took place at the family's Albrightsville, Pennsylvania home on December 30

Father and son drove back in the white Hyundai Elantra (pictured) being sought by cops in relation to the murders

The pair were pulled over on the I-70 just outside Indianapolis on December 15 with police bodycam footage showing Michael sitting in the passenger seat alongside his son during the traffic stop.

In January Michael Kohberger spent an afternoon tidying up the mess from the SWAT team raid in Albrightsville that saw law enforcement break open the family's front door to apprehend the wanted murder suspect on December 30.

Ten days later, shards of glass and remnants of the door's decorative glass panel could still be seen lying near a trash can containing broken window blinds that were also damaged during the bust.

The elder Kohberger appeared to be faring well despite the horrific charges levelled against his son as he picked up the pieces outside his home.

Kohberger's mother Maryann Kohberger

Mrs Kohberger has previously publicly expressed her opposition to the death penalty, school shootings and abortion in letters published in a local newspaper.

In one letter to the editor published in March 2008 in The Pocono Record daily newspaper, underneath the headline 'I pray we consider the children, before the gun', Maryann wrote, 'I do not personally support abortion, and by all means do not support the death penalty. State-sanctified murder is still just that — murder.'

In another letter, published as recently as June 2022, Maryann, who works as a paraprofessional, teaching students under the supervision of certified teachers, reflected on the Uvalde, Texas shootings.

'As I sat this morning, reeling from yet another school shooting, I found myself wrestling with which actions need to be taken to stop all the madness,' she wrote. 'What is the answer? Gun control measures? Mental health intervention?'

Does Bryan Kohberger have siblings?

Kohberger was brought up in a 'warm-hearted' household along with his older sisters, Amanda and Melissa, in nearby Effort, Pennsylvania.

His older sister Melissa is a school counsellor, and his other sister, Amanda, is an actress.

Kohberger's sisters Melissa (left) andAmanda (right)

(Video) Chilling New Details About Idaho Murders Suspect Bryan Kohberger, with Beth Karas and Peter Tragos

The only other family member to have spoken since Kohberger's arrest is his former aunt, who divorced out of the family.

She said he has 'very, very weird' dietary requirements that were 'above and beyond' being vegan to the point where she and her husband bought new pots and pans because he would not eat in anything that had had meat cooked in it.


What do we know about Idaho murder suspect Bryan Kohberger? ? ›

The 28-year-old was arrested on a fugitive from justice warrant at his parents' home in Pennsylvania, police announced on Dec. 30, and extradited to Idaho, where he was formally charged on Jan. 5. Kohberger is facing four counts of first-degree murder and a count of felony burglary and is being held without bail.

Where is Bryan Kohberger now? ›

The discovery of the bloody crime scene on November 13 shattered the Idaho college town and frayed the nerves of students and residents as the search for a suspect ensued. Kohberger has yet to enter a plea and is being held without bail in the Latah County Jail in Idaho.

What evidence was found against Bryan Kohberger? ›

Bryan Kohberger's DNA on Knife Sheath Is 'Surefire' Evidence—Criminologist. Bryan Kohberger's DNA on a knife sheath found at the home where four University of Idaho students were murdered is "surefire" evidence against him, according to a criminologist.

Why would Bryan Kohberger stand silent? ›

The motivation for Kohberger standing silent that makes the most sense to Birch is a desire to tamp down public outrage when an alleged crime has received overwhelming publicity. “In a high profile case, when somebody pleads not guilty, a lot of people are offended by that gesture of pleading not guilty.

Is Bryan Kohberger being held in solitary confinement? ›

Kohberger is being held without bail at the Latah County Jail in Moscow, Idaho, the same town where the four students were killed. The jail, where the suspect is being held in solitary confinement, is located in the basement of the Latah County Courthouse.

Was Bryan Kohberger's knife found? ›

The murder weapon itself has never been found. Former FBI profiler Greg Cooper told Dateline that the knife purchase coming months before the murders indicates that the suspect “had a fantasy of thinking about committing crimes for a long time with that knife” prior to the moment he allegedly used it.

What new evidence was found in the Idaho murders? ›

A DNA sample was taken from trash in Pennsylvania.

On December 28,2022, the Idaho State Lab reported that a DNA profile obtained from the trash and the DNA profile obtained from the sheath, identified a male as not being excluded as the biological father of Suspect Profile.

What does standing silent plea mean? ›

A judge then automatically converts a defendant's decision to remain silent into a not guilty plea, said Elcox, a former Ada County deputy prosecutor. “The judge can't enter a guilty plea on somebody's behalf,” she said.

What does it mean to stand silent on a plea? ›

Stand Mute Definition

The defendant can plead guilty, not guilty, or stand mute. Standing mute means a defendant does not take a stance on being guilty or not guilty; they remain silent.

Why stand silent instead of not guilty? ›

Standing silent has the same legal effect as entering a not guilty plea, and it could give the defendant more options during any potential plea negotiations, according to CBS News legal contributor Jessica Levinson.

What happens if you stay in solitary confinement? ›

People who experience solitary confinement are more likely to develop anxiety, depression, suicidal thoughts, and psychosis. The practice also affects physical health, increasing a person's risk for a range of conditions, including fractures, vision loss, and chronic pain.

Who was the longest person in solitary confinement? ›

Maudsley is now reported to have surpassed the world record for time spent in solitary, spending 23 of every 24 hours in his cell. That unenviable benchmark had previously been set by US prisoner Albert Woodfox, who died last August, six years after his release, having spent 43 years in isolation.

What was Bryan Byrd sentenced to? ›

Bryan Byrd, 31, was sentenced Friday in a Montgomery County Circuit Court to life in prison, suspending all but 40 years and five years of supervised probation upon release.

What are Bryan Kohberger parents saying? ›

The parents of Bryan Kohberger, the suspect in the murder of four University of Idaho students, have said they are cooperating with law enforcement to seek the truth but have warned the public against making false assumptions, saying their son should be presumed innocent.

What was found in Kohberger's car? ›

This round of warrants details what officials found at his parents' home and inside his car. Additional court documents made public Thursday stated that a knife, a pocketknife, and a Glock 22 handgun with three empty magazines were found at the home of Bryan Kohberger's parents.

What kind of knife did Kohberger use? ›

According to the arrest warrant affidavit, cops found a sheath for a KA-BAR knife at the murder house, with Kohberger's DNA on it. KA-BAR sells both to retailers and directly to consumers.

Did they find out who killed those kids in Idaho? ›

On Dec. 30, 2022, Bryan Christopher Kohberger, 28, was arrested in Pennsylvania and charged with four counts of murder in connection with the stabbing deaths of four University of Idaho students who were found dead on Nov. 13 at a home in Moscow, Idaho.

Who are the surviving roommates of the Idaho murders? ›

of Idaho murders. Funke and the other surviving roommate, Dylan Mortensen, have not spoken publicly about the case, although they have honored their slain friends in letters read at a church vigil in December.

When was the last time Idaho executed a prisoner? ›

The last person executed in Idaho was Richard Albert Leavitt, who was executed by lethal injection in 2012.

Why did Kohberger not enter a plea? ›

Another possible explanation, Ms. Primus said, is that Mr. Kohberger did not want to tell the court he was not guilty. In that situation, his lawyer might decide on standing silent, allowing Mr. Kohberger to avoid pleading out loud, while still moving the case forward as if he had pleaded not guilty.

Can my silence be used against me in court? ›

In most cases, once police read a person their Miranda rights and take them into custody, prosecutors cannot introduce the person's choice to exercise their right to remain silent as evidence at trial, nor can your silence be used against you, to induce a judge or jury to infer or presume guilt.

What is the silent witness rule? ›

Procedure by which classified documents are put before counsel, the court, and the jury to be used as evidence at trial, but are not read in open court, so as to avoid making the information public in the interests of national security.

What do you say in court when you want to remain silent? ›

Other ways you can say this include: You are exercising your Miranda rights. You want to remain silent. You only want to speak to a lawyer.

Why do judges reject plea bargains? ›

A judge may believe that a plea deal is either too harsh or too lenient. They may refuse to accept the deal as presented. Generally, though, as long as a plea deal is reasonable for the crime alleged (and which the defendant, by accepting the deal, is pleading guilty), a judge will accept it.

Can a defendants silence be used against him? ›

In some situations, police may use silence itself as incriminating evidence. The Supreme Court has held that police must stop questioning suspects once they assert their right to counsel, but it has also held that a person must affirmatively invoke the right to silence.

Does silence admit guilt? ›

Held, that silence in the face of pertinent and direct accusation of crime par- takes of the nature of a confession, and is admissible as a circumstance to be considered by the jury as tending to show guilt, even though the person accused is in custody on the charge.

What is the punishment for lying on the stand in court? ›

A person convicted of perjury is liable to imprisonment for a term not exceeding seven years, or to a fine, or to both. In the United States, the general perjury statute under federal law classifies perjury as a felony and provides for a prison sentence of up to five years.

Can a witness lie on the stand? ›

Lying Under Oath Is a Crime

Lying on the stand under oath is known as perjury, a serious offense that may require defense from a criminal attorney. A witness charged with perjury can face steep monetary fines, probation, jail time, and even problems with security clearances and gainful employment.

Who are Bryan Kohberger parents? ›

His mother, Maryann Kohberger, reportedly has already testified to the secretive panel, and his father, Michael Kohberger, is expected to testify some time on Thursday, May 25.

Where was Bryan Kohberger born? ›

He was from Pennsylvania

Albrightsville is a hamlet in the Pocono Mountains of eastern Pennsylvania. Kohberger was jailed just to the east in Monroe County, near the New Jersey state line and about 75 miles west of New York City.

What was the verdict on the Idaho murders? ›

The mother was found guilty in the Idaho murders of her children, Tylee Ryan and JJ Vallow. A jury has found Lori Vallow Daybell guilty on all counts of killing her two children and conspiring in the murder of her husband's ex-wife.

What does it mean to stand silent? ›

Stand Mute Definition

Standing mute means a defendant does not take a stance on being guilty or not guilty; they remain silent. Standing mute or remaining silent has the same effect as pleading “not guilty” because a judge or magistrate will enter a not guilty plea on the defendant's behalf.

Where do Bryan Kohberger parents live? ›

The Kohbergers live in Chestnuthill Township, where Bryan Kohberger was arrested in December and charged with the Idaho killings. It's unclear what crime the Monroe County grand jury is investigating.

What is Bryan Kohberger's nationality? ›

Kohberger was born in Albrightsville, Pennsylvania in the United States of America. Kohberger studied psychology at Bethlehem's Northampton Community College, where he graduated with an associate's degree in the subject in 2018. Kohberger attended DeSales University after graduating from Northampton.

Where did Bryan Kohberger grow up? ›

Kohberger grew up in eastern Pennsylvania's Pocono Mountains, where his father was a maintenance worker. His mother worked in the school system.

Where does Bryan Kohberger go to school? ›

Kohberger graduated from Northampton Community College in Pennsylvania with an associate degree in psychology in 2018. He next attended DeSales University in Allentown, Pennsylvania, where he received a bachelor's degree in 2020 and a master's degree in criminal justice in May 2022.

Does Bryan Kohberger have any siblings? ›

Bryan Kohberger's sister feared that her brother was involved in the stabbings of four University of Idaho students before police swooped on their parents' home and arrested him for murder, according to a bombshell report.

How old is Bryan Kohberger? ›

The 28-year-old was arrested on a fugitive from justice warrant at his parents' home in Pennsylvania, police announced on Dec. 30, and extradited to Idaho, where he was formally charged on Jan. 5. Kohberger is facing four counts of first-degree murder and a count of felony burglary and is being held without bail.

Who were the roommates in the Idaho murders? ›

The four college students were found fatally stabbed in an off-campus residence where Kernodle, Mogen and Goncalves lived, on November 13. Their two other roommates, Dylan Mortensen and Bethany Funke, survived.

What is it called when you can't sit in silence? ›

People suffering from Sedatephobia cannot withstand silence; they constantly need noise and human interaction. This constant neediness can be very harmful to the individual.

What are the three types of silent? ›

Three major forms of silence are defined: Psycholinguistic Silence, of which there are two subtypes, designated Fast- time silence and Slow-time silence; Interactive Silence; and Sociocultural Silence.

Can you plead the 5th in Australia? ›

In Australia, there is a fundamental common law right to silence, which means that you cannot be compelled to incriminate yourself. The prosecution carries the burden of proving the allegations against you 'beyond reasonable doubt'. If the prosecution fails, the accused will be acquitted of the charge(s).


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